Friday, June 10, 2016

#CM4H16 Catching on FHIR – Damian Leopard, Solutions Orion Health

Intro to FHIR

FHIR is no longer draft. It is a working standard but is still evolving.

Designed for implementation.

FHIR is built for the Internet. Mobile Friendly.

An active and supportive community.
Open source code libraries.

Wide support from major Healthcare vendors.

FHIR Supports multiple paradigms of Interoperability:

  • Messages
  • Documents
  • REST
  • Services


  • Mapping from existing data sources
  • Cross sector alignment
  • Does not replace everything
  • Maturity

Real world examples of FHIR use:

  • Commonwell Patient Manager
  • Ebola Response Co-ordination Project
  • ONC
  • NHS
  • Boston Children’s Health
    and more…

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