Wednesday, June 08, 2016

#cm4h16 karen DeSalvo talking about community-based solutions

Michigan as innovation leader amongst the States

“Take the time to celebrate the work of the last 6-7 years” Almost every US hospital has an EHR. Up from 15% 6 years ago.

Big strides in data sharing In the hospital setting.

Black book reports that 84% of large providers are finding their EHRs are meeting their expectations.

The world is looking to how the USA is implementing health technology.

But There are still challenges…

We still need to make better linkages to grow to be a learning health systems.

The federal health architecture document was contributed to by 35+ federal agencies. But it was still focused around people and data liquidity to support their well being.

Published APIs like FHIR for more straight forward sharing of information, including to Consumers.

HIPPA should be an enable and not a barrier!

Interoperability roadmap covers how the private sector will be partners.

Policy creates a floor rather than a ceiling. We need to protect the most vulnerable.

The world is watching. Take advantage of the opportunity and continue leading the way.

Inspiring words from Karen DeSalvo

Carla Smith reveals that Karen and her team are on a 7am call 7 days a week with her HHS team and others to discuss what is being done to help people in Flint Michigan.

This Just shows the incredible professionalism and commitment of public employees.

(Editors note: I have seen this level of commitment numerous times across the federal government)

Carla Smith – HIMSS

IT has a major role in community preparedness.

US EMR adoption model.

8 level model:0-7

The first incentive check went out into May 2011.

77% were in level 0-3.
Now the majority are in level 4+.

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