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Enterprise 2.0 Anti-Patterns

Aaron Kim, IBM Senior Managing Consultant, Emerging Technologies - IBM Canada presenting on Anti-Patterns, ROI and Metrics.

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  • How to go from Hype to productivity
  • Enterprise 2.0 Anti-patterns

Anti-pattern is a pattern that tells you how to go from a problem to a bad solution.

Fear 2.0: Fear is not a bad thing but action paralysis is bad. Failure comes with a name tag.

Is innovating less risky than not innovating.

Full control is no longer in your hands.

"Fail often, fail quickly, fail gracefully and learn from it." - Mike Moran

Hype 2.0: I want it because it's cool. I want it because Gartner et al said I need it.

New World, Old Patterns:Knowledge is in people's heads. People are portable.

Email is the knowledge repository. It is hidden to everyone - except you.

Personal Hard Drives hold data but is not typically shared.

People are your competitive advantage:

When you use wikis, blogs, podcasts and other broadcast tools you extend your reach and passively expand your network.

New World, Old Habits: There can be subtle differences between tools. A fool with a tool is still a fool.

Business Week - Taking full advantage of Web 2.0 may require Management 2.0.

Build it and they will come: If Wikipedia works so will mine.

People have limited bandwidth.

Clay Shirky's: Plausible promise, effective tool and acceptable bargain (HCE).

User Adoption Plan + Balanced Incentives.

The World is Flat: Everyone is not the same. Differences will always exist.

Geekness 2.0: Anybody can do it. Laziness 2.0 comes in to play. It has to be easy. Enable gradual adoptin.

Best of Breed: Proven solutions work well but in isolation.

Wikis are good for somethings - but not everything.

Adopt an integrated solution that meets core needs, augmented by best of breed and has enterprise grade support.

Integration is your competitive advantage and may be the innovators edge.

Search and you will not find:

You get a lot of bad with the good. We need filters to surface the good. We need to make sure good content floats to the top.

Data as your competitive Advantage:

Intangible means unmeasurable: Nobody asks what is the ROI for phone and email.

Business Value must discount costs.

Value Creation v. Value Capture

Easy to understand business case

Easy to calculate ROI models.

Measure Supply , not Demand: Bloggers, posts, wiki spaces, authors are measures of supply.

Not all User Generated Content has business value.

ROI and Metrics

If there is not "R" then it is just "C" - Cost.

63% of companies use ROI, TCO and IRR as measures of investment in Web 2.0.

Limited resources means you need to be able to make a case against competing projects.

The Right Metrics

  1. What is the business objective
  2. Is the metric stable
  3. Can a benchmark be established
  4. What are the levers to influence the metric

Returns need to be broadly defined:

Revenues, conversions, social capital, cost avoidance

You may need multiple Web 2.0 ROI models.

Control in Social Media is like grabbing water - Pauline Ores, IBM

In the Social Media World the most powerful person is the one who shares the most.

Sharing has more power than holding knowledge.

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