Thursday, January 28, 2010

#Health30 Mark Mixer - Alliant Health Plans Using tech to create incentives

After my presentation - which will go on to my SlideShare ekivemark account when I get to a high speed uplink...

Mark Mixer is a Lead for eProvider solutions at Alliant Health Plan. He is  talking about Using Technology to create incentives and Health Record interaction with members, providers and employers.

Employers are the ones buying insurance.

PHRAnywhere branded completely separately to avoid being associated with the health plan. A lifetime PHR that is provided free of charge.

Alliant has 90% market share in their area. This makes transparency (for health plan benefits) an interesting proposition.

Hospitals are normalizing their reimbursement rates across carriers and networks.


- Can health plans be the consumers' trusted source of information to assist them in navigating the health system

- Can health plans encourage healthy behaviors among enrollees as a means of reducing costs and improving population-based outcomes

- How can health plans help members save money and receive better health care from providers

- How should health plans engage with employers to enhance employee wellness and healthy living

- How should health plans assist individuals in making clinical decisions, selections of providers and self-care

This was an interesting, contrarion talk.

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