Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#Health3 Create Cost Transparency

Live blogging from the 

Health 3.0: The Next Online Generation Conference in Orlando Florida.
Here is the session outline: 

Create Cost Transparency: Innovative Technology Health Plans Can Implement to Lower Costs and Increase Consumer Purchasing Involvement
This session will provide answers for health plans searching for solutions that will make payment options, transactions, and billing methods more transparent for the consumer. Clarifying health care costs has proven to lead to higher-quality, lower-cost health care and increased patient involvement in buying health care. In this session, you will specifically learn:

  • Proven results of cost transparency
  • Strategies applicable to health plans for better health savings and outcomes

Vicki Whichard
Dir Consumer Driven Health Plans

HSA Bank integrated in to BCBSSC Portal with Single Sign On.
No PHI/PCI is traded between BCBSSC and HSA Bank. Transactions are dealt with in real time. Credit card information is not stored.
Member signs up for HSA program and it does automatic payment from the debit card in the portal. One advantage is a history of receipts for payments made.

Information also goes to Mobile application.

Members: Tools for integrated quality, personalized cost benefit info and purchasing involvement.
Strategic Accounts: Helps promote move to Consumer Driven Health Plans and value added service to employees.
BCBSSC: Essential component of overall corporate transparency strategy and provides a competitive advantage.

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