Sunday, July 17, 2011

Questions for Dottie @boordyvineyards

This was a list compiled last week to ask Dottie at Boordy Vineyards. Do you have a question to add to the list....
1. Are you first in line? 
2. Where do we sit? 
3. Do you have wine?4. Where does the band play? 
5. Where do I buy beer? 
6. Are these people waiting in line for a reason?
7. I have this ticket from last year-can I use it?
8. What do you mean I can't take in this cooler of beer/vodka?
9. Why do I have to leave at 5pm -can't I stay for the music?
10. Why Can't I go in early to setup?
11. Is that question mark on your shirt for a reason? 
12. Can I reserve my seat?
13. Why do the owners get to reserve a table? 
14. Why do you charge more than at a liquor store?
15. Why do I have to wear this wristband? 
16. Are the band any good? 
17. Do I have to go to the end of that line?
18. Is your wine any good? 
19. Didn't they have a better color than yellow for that shirt?
20. Can I setup my picnic on the patio/dancefloor? you come here often? 
22.can you take my picture?
23. Can I have pic of you in that shirt?
24. Can we have a pic together? 
25. Can I get a refund if it rains?
26. Are you the only 1 who answers questions? 
27. Can I get in early? 
28. Can I reserve a picnic table?
29.Do you ever get asked dumb questions?
30. Is it ok to move people's stuff to setup my camp? 
31. Do I need to get here early to get a spot at the front?
32.What do you mean enjoy myself responsibly?
33. How good is mood swings?
34. Are you sure that's not Frank Sinatra out there?
35. Are you sure Janis Joplin isn't a member of Mood Swings?
36. Will there be any room on the dance floor?
37. Does your dancefloor have air conditioning? 
38. What do you mean - there's a free dance lesson?
39. How old do you have to be to go on the dance floor? 
40. Was that the bump I saw happenin' on the dance floor?
41.what does "voulez vous couchez avec moi ce soir" mean?
42. Can I have this dance?
43. Who stole your yellow tshirt? 
44. Do you still answer questions?
45. (on the phone) can I have your phone number?
46. (on the phone) I am at a four way stop. Which way do I go?
So this is the list so far. 
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