Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#epatcon Michael Spitz Ignite Health and Amanda Nelson of Radian6

Michael Spitz of Ignite Health and Amanda Nelson of Radian6

ePatients are Talking, and Pharma is Listening: How Innovative Social Media Monitoring Tools Foster Understanding - The ePatient Digital Ecosystem: Who is talking, how much, and about what?
- The Island of Pharma: Traditional one-way communication model
- The Social Media Monitoring Bridge: Listening is the first step to connecting
- ePatient/Pharma Evolution: Toward a brave new world of open dialogue and sharing

[Russell Herder: Seeking Social Solace]

80% of 245M online consumers seeking Health information online.
3rd most popular after email and search
18% find others with similar health issues.

Pharma - Traditional one way communication model.

7% of pharma marketing budget

Pharma willingness to adopt social media - 53% = Never

So we have patients working together, no longer listening to traditional advertising and a big part of pharma refusing to engage in that vibrant community.

44,000 Pancreatic cancer patients diagnosed in 2011.

Now time for the advertising message at ePatCon....

The Radian 6 promo:

Radian6 aggregates data from across the web.
Yes, you can create a tag cloud on a topic.

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