Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#epatcon Nenjamin Lei @benatdna Understanding the Yelp factor on healthcare


Associate Director, eMarketing, Genentech

Can We Talk? Moving From Interruption Marketing to Patient Conversations: Drug companies often get a bad rap in how they engage with patients. In this session, Ben and Liz from Genentech will speak to the internal and external challenges they face in truly engaging in two-way marketing and some approaches that are beginning to bridge that gap. In one example they'll share, Genentech has worked with patients on evolving their programs to be less about push, and more about dialogue. They'd like to do more of this and the challenge will be on you to help them pave the way.

@benatdna recounting his experience in the health care factory in 1999. but is here to talk about the internal resistance to change.

A healthcare marketer's challenge is that: 
- everybody is doing Social Media. 
- Everybody needs to innovate.
- There are too many ideas and they aren't connected. 
- the FDA has no guidelines (yet!)

Traditionalists say:
- We can't measure ROI
- Physicians hate it
- Our customers are old and don't use it.

It took 6 months to get a film on YouTube. But the video was dominated by safety information. Not attractive to viewers.

The learning curve: 
- Get to know the audience. 
- Be credible
- Engage - dialogs are two-way

Cystic Fibrosis patients get each other sick so they spend a lot of time in online communities. 
Genentech focused on providing credible education.

Social Media like a facebook page may have just a few likes but the reach can be extensive. 
Innovation for sake of innovation fails. Things need to be connected.

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