Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#epatcon Silja Chouquet of Whydot GmbH talking about epatients in Europe

Silja Chouquet of WhyDot  talking about the european perspective on ePatients. 

There are more charities in the USA than in Europe.

US gives 3x more to charities than the germans.

JanGeissler - Cancer ePatient in Munich, Germany

Patients are running online forums themselves. They will leverage forums in the US and UK. 

Diabetesse - Diabetes ePatient in Berlin, Germany

The German Diabetes information on line is very limited. A few blogs, an occasional site, a lot of static content and email lists. 
The English speaking diabetes online resources are much, much richer.

kgapo - Breast Cancer advocate from Athens, Greece.

Social Media is just a tool. You need a strategy. 

What is the future?

A new paradigm - Put the patient at the center. Patients are capable to connect with each other and the resources they need. 


Patients online are going to brands but search really drives where they go. They search around solving a problem. 

Social Media is not a marketing channel.It is an information channel. Use it for engagement.

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