Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#epatcon @sethgodin Keynote session

Seth Godin is giving the keynote address and is talking about:

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    Poke the Box: Business Week's "Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age," Seth Godin is a best-selling author, entrepreneur and agent of change. Seth Godin has written thirteen bestselling books that have changed the way people think about marketing, change, and work. He is also a renowned speaker who was recently chosen as one of 21 Speakers for the Next Century by Successful Meetings Magazine.


    The Top down system puts the doctor as the front man.

    Health is now experiencing the revolution that has wiped out the music and newspaper industries.

    Cheap Energy

    Then Cheap Media

    Now we have Cheap Connection.

    The Internet turns everything in to sharing and connection.

    The Internet has enabled Patient to Patient. 

    We are moving from information bombardment to discovery. How will marketers adapt? 

    In healthcare patients will usurp the notion of privacy.

    Permission - is important. It gives you the ability to get stories and messages to people that are interested in what you have to say.

    Attention is the new scarcity

    People like doing what other people are doing. We gravitate towards tribes of like minds and interest. 
    You build a cause and a tribe one person at a time.

    We didn't invent patients - but epatients have shown up to lead them.

    Artists are trailblazers and leaders. Artists create something different. 

    We have been trained to give just enough but leadership means doing the most that you can.

    The factory of HealthCare does not want patient leaders. They want interchangeable people that can fit in to the process. 
    If you can write it down someone can do it cheaper.

    In school we are taught that we need to be picked. As in your book is selected by a publisher. The Internet changes that. Anyone can publish. 

    There are two sides two a coin. If failure is not an option then success is no longer an option.

    The voice of the resistance is what stops us. It is the voice in our head. It is what we have to overcome.
    We have to challenge the notion that we don't have the right to make change happen.

    The "Best mover" advantage applies to tribes. Be the first to show up with a solution people want.

    Seth Godin is not active on Twitter because he picks his focus. He would rather be really good at a few things rather than mediocre at lots of things.

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