Tuesday, April 05, 2016

#ONCPDW #PDWorkshop EHR HIE Interoperability Workgroup

Provider Directory Specification

Provider Directories was an integral components of a wider standard.

States, EHR Vendors and HIE/HISP Vendors all participated.

– Statewide Consumable Continuity of Care Document (CCD-based C32/C83 -> C-CDA) – Push: Send and Receive Patient Record Exchange
– Pull: Statewide Patient Data Inquiry Service

Provider Directory Considerations

  • Send /Receive Specification for Statewide use

  • Prefer HPD+ over base specification

  • 2013 explores models to Query EHR to HISP and HISP to HISP exchange

  • Facilitate open discussion for federated PD Solution

  • HPD Appendix updated to reference Final IHE HPD Profile (ie. Support for Federated Solutions)

  • 2015 Broad Health Industry Partnership via HIMSS (ConCert)

  • 3 Cert Programs: Concert Approved EHR / Concert Approved HIE / Concert Approved HISP

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