Tuesday, April 05, 2016

#ONCPDW #PDWorkshop S&I Framework Initiatives – Bob Dieterich

Provider Directory Initiatives

Two Initiatives:
1. Discovery of Digital Certificates

  • A Hybrid DNS/LDAP solution
  1. Definition of Electronic Service Information
  • Minimum data set, data model and schema for Provider Directories – Specific Query and response
  • Map dataset, model and schema to stndards for LDAP/x.500, HPD, ASC X12 (274) and identify gaps – Work with standards bodies to incorporate identified gaps. eg. HPD+

Query and Response: Individual / Organization /Relationship

Allow query and response on almost all data elements.

  • What method using
  • What information is being exchanged
  • Security relating to exchange
  • Endpoint
  • Preference for multiple endpoints.

Next Steps:

  • Establish Standard, fRee code sets for use by all members of community. – Provide detailed implementation descriptions

FHA Healthcare Directory Workgroup

  • Guiding Parties: CMS, HHS, ONC, Indian Health Service, CDC, SSA, VA – identify alternative approaches
  • identify short/mid and longterm solution proposals

Assessment and Evaluation Criteria for agencies:

Provider directory is part of a workflow process.

– Centralized
– Federated model
– Hybrid model

Central common directory.
Local implementations

Federated model was ranked highest because it gave control to local agencies

– Short = Federation
– Mid = Hybrid
– Long = Hybrid Alternative Approach

Detail Work:

  • Completed: Recommendations to establish Trust Relationships / Direct + eHealth Exchange ESI
  • Additional Topics:

  • Support Complex Queries
  • Support multiple query technologies inc. FHIR
  • Federation (Directory Discovery, Security, Content Replication) – Maintenance and Access
  • Audit Trails
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Granular Security

Presenter: Bob Dieterich

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