Tuesday, April 05, 2016

#ONCPDW #PDWorkshop: Te Past of Provider Directories – Micky Tripathi

The History of Provider Directories (ONC/FACA PDActivities)

2010: information Exchange workgroup asked to make policy recommendations on Federal Approach to Provider Directories.

Nov 2010 – Mar 2011: HITPC recommendations on Entity-Level Provider Directories and Individual-level Provider Directories. (Two different recommendations for policy purposes)

Mar 2011: ONC Provider Directory Bootcamp

May 2011: S&I Framework use case development to support Direct Project

Fall 2011: HITSC decides sufficient standards do not exist to act on HITPC recommendations

Mar 2012: ONC PD CoP guide on field practices to populate Provider Directories

May 2012: ONC PD Opportunities Analysis

Apr 2013: HITPC approves IE WG Recommendations to CMS to apply open data principles to MPPES, MU, NPI databases to allow private sector development of Provider Directories.

Oct 2015: ONC Interoperability Roadmap: By 2018 CMS should require Direct Addresses and Electronic Service Information are entered into and maintained in NPPES.

Has the world changed since 201?

in some ways the world has changed. More market activity.

Presenter: Micky Tripathi, MA eHealth Collaborative

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