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#HDPalooza Consumer Shark Tank judged by: @jmakowka @DCPatient @HealthcareWen @alexbfair @FrancieGrace @latts_lisa

# Consumer Shark Tank

We’re mixing things up in the closing plenary with a rapid-fire Shark Tank for organizations with market ready applications that turn health data into meaningful and useful tools for consumers and patients. Participants will have 5-7 minutes to convince the judges, and you, our voting audience, that theirs is the winning innovation. Come see where innovation is made manifest in consumer-facing products — and send one team home a winner!

Judges & Twitter Handles

  • Jeff Makowka, AARP (@jmakowka)
  • Donna Cryer, Global Liver Institute (@DCPatient)
  • Wen Dombrowski, Resonate Health LLC (@HealthcareWen)
  • Alex Fair, MedStartr.com (@alexbfair)
  • Francie Grace, Healthcare Reform Activist and Social Media Strategist (@FrancieGrace)
  • Lisa Latts, University of California and LML Health Solutions (@latts_lisa)

# Contestant #1 ClearHealthCosts (http://2.healthca.mp/1rF1Uby) Jean Pinder
Twitter handle: @chcosts
A lot of our health spending is “shoppable” – we have a choice where to go for an MRI, or for a prescription, in many cases – if not an emergency appendectomy. With the growing incentives to save money, and the rise of new tools, people are finding ways to save, or vowing to do so in the future.

We are a New York City journalism startup bringing transparency to the health care marketplace by telling people what stuff costs. If you knew that MRI could cost $300 or $6,000, you could make different choices. We tell you that. We let you shop for health care.

How do we do this? We partner with big media organizations to crowdsource prices, adding people’s live health care billing data to our existing data sets of cash or self-pay prices, plus data from various big databases, to provide a 360-degree view of health pricing. Then we make great journalism.

As advocates of full-on transparency, we are democratizing information. In a market where the intermediaries have intermediaries, we’re disintermediating: putting information into people’s hands.

Transparency is the key to solving the soaring health bills of this nation: Only when all prices are public, all the time, can we see how the industry works.

Crowd sourcing pricing tool.

Share your prices. using plug-in to other sites.
– Shoe leather journalism

3.5M audience through partners.

People get upset and excited. It is the first time they have seen actionable information.

Women do most of the healthcare shopping

People DO shop for healthcare.

How do you deal with the deductibles? It needs payers to reveal data about deductible.

Media partners pay for use of the tool.

# Contestant #2 Medicare Pathfinder, Inc. (http://2.healthca.mp/1qccGoj) Scott Cadora
Twitter handle: @MedicarePath

Medicare Pathfinder uses data, technology & design to improve senior healthcare. Our technology simplifies Medicare and helps seniors & their families to make better informed decisions about healthcare.

Medicare is the cornerstone of senior healthcare but is quite confusing. In most cities there are over 1,000 combinations of Medicare plans available, which is cognitively overwhelming. As a result, 80% of seniors are in the wrong Medicare plan which needlessly increases their annual health costs by an average of $728.

Our technology enables seniors to intuitively find the right Medicare plan. We use data science to sort through the thousands of combinations to identify the plans that best meet a senior’s individual healthcare needs. We visualize the tradeoffs between benefits and costs so seniors can optimize their healthcare choices.

Medicare Pathfinder is currently an Accelerate member at Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) incubator.

Helping seniors make better financial decisions for their health

The number of plans is overwhelming.
Payers offer paper brochures

Inefficient process for payers and seniors.

Learn about individual preferences. Reducing choices from 1000+ to ~100.

Business model: Lead Generation / Analytics

$3.8B market.

# Contestant #3 Symple Health (sympleapp.com) Natasha Gajewski
Twitter handle: @SympleApp

Speaker Bio

Symptoms are the foundational experience of a person’s health. However, the current paradigm of clinical treatment places undue burden on people to subjectively recall months worth of symptoms to their doctors. They, in turn, are forced to interpret and categorize the person’s chief complaint to fulfill data-entry requirements in their EHR, usually within a 15minute window. Symple rethinks this paradigm by empowering people with actionable information in the exam room. Through our lightweight mobile app, users easily observe and track their symptoms over time. Symple users also add in and track a personalized list of factors such as medications, diet and daily activity, to truly learn what potentially impacts their health. Empowered with meaningful and dynamic data, people can become confident, engaged partners with their care team.

Designed for a personal need

Customize the app for you.
Return value to the user.

Not shipping yet – need to get permissions right.

About to integrate with HealthKit.

Business Model: Freemium model.

Serve the patient.

Can the app share data: Not at the moment. Requires Off App storage.
18-20% conversion
40% update rate
$2.99 update.

And the winner is….

Medicare Pathfinders.

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