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#CM4H16 What Patterns Are Emerging Nationally in Health Information Sharing? #NATE @CaptBlueButton

Panel: What Patterns Are Emerging Nationally in Health Information Sharing?

Moderator: Jeff Livesay, Associate Director, MiHIN

Hear from leaders of three national information sharing efforts as they discuss their current goals and strategies, and how those strategies are coming together to help build national capabilities for securely, easily sharing health information both for providers and for consumers.

Developments in National Information Sharing – Dave Cassel, Director, Carequality

EHR Vendor Alignment and Goals – Jitin Asnaani, Chief Executive Officer, CommonWell Health Alliance

Consumer Trust – Aaron Seib, CEO, National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE)

Developments in National Information Sharing – Dave Cassel

Carequality – The Sequoia Project

Communities of Data sharing partners brought together by specific needs.

The challenges include:
– Unable to connect to constituents of another community.

Carequality is creating a nationwide network of interconnected communities.
Standardized interoperability framework.

Essential Elements:
– Common rules of the road
– Well- defined technical specifications (Implementation Guides for specific use cases)
– Participant Directory

Trust is an essential component – based on contractual agreements.

Twelve Organizations:
including AthenaHealth, EPIC, eClinicalworks, GE Healthcare, HIETexas, Ntsmart, Nextgen, Surescripts.

Patients must be engaged. It must be easy for them.
Good governance.
Communities must innovate. Take national priorities and encourage local action.

EHR Vendor Alignment and Goals – Jitin Asnaani, Commonwell

Commonwell health alliance

Not for profit trade association – Vendor led.

Patient data should follow the patient.

Member Organizations:
72% of acute EHR installations
37% of Ambulatory EHR Installations

CommonWell services (Trusted and Secure):
– Person Enrollment
– Record Location
– Patient Identification and Linking
– Data Query and Retrieval

– Gaps in the C-CDA

Live in 4,400 sites 3,500 more signed.

NATE – Consumer Trust – Aaron Seib

Not-For-Profit association.

NBB4C – NATE BlueButton for Consumers
Enables covered entities to use Direct to send information to consumer facing Applications.

Members of Trust Bundle include:
– Medyear, Humetrix, Get Real Health, HealthVault, ishareMedical, No More Clipboard, Omedix, carebox

NBB4C helps people jump the chasm between Provider-Centric exchange and Consumer-facing Applicaitons.

NATE is building the Consumer Health TrustHarbor
Working with CMS on BlueButton on FHIR

TrustHarbor is a registry of EMR’s 2105 CHIT Consumer Facing APIs and the Consumer controlled apps that access them.

Interstate Use Cases for Immunization History/Forecast and Blood Lead Results

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