Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#ReginaHolliday asked me where my Walking Gallery Jacket has been...

In May of this year Regina Holliday painted my favorite leather jacket. Since then my Jacket has been well travelled... Regina asked where it had been. So let's try to put together a list. Here goes....

May 2011:

August 2011:
Health2STAT in Washington DC

September 2011:
SocialHealth meetup in NYC
Putting the I in HealthIT ONC event in Washington DC
#DCTech Meetup
EPatient Connections in Philadelphia
Health 2.0 Developers Challenge, San Francisco
Patients 2.0
Health 2.0 including being on stage with the ONC team

And being painted in to the Health 2.0 mural by @Lygeia RicciardiHealth2STAT impromptu Rainbow Button presentation
SocialChocolate at #KPCTH in Washington DC

December 2011:
Baltimore Tech Breakfast

Yes, it has been a busy year and I am sure I have forgotten a few of the places where I have worn my RainbowButton HealthCamp jacket with pride.

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